HT-HPhigh temperature heat pumps

Enerin, a pioneering manufacturer of High Temperature Heat Pumps (HT-HP) from Norway, is an innovative engineering company in the HT-HP market. Its novel HT-HP systems promise heating and/or cooling capacities of 400-800 kW steam/hot water with temperatures of up to 250°C. The company leads the market for HT-HP Co-efficient of Performance (COP) above 120°C.

Current renewable-based technologies have storage and engineering limitations to be able to deliver adequately high temperature levels on demand for industry.

The SUSHEAT concept builds on existing industrial/R&D partners’ scientific and commercial know-how to take heat systems, boosted by the HT-HP, to a new level of innovation potential.

Enerin's Høeg High-Temperature Heat Pump is similar to a Stirling heat pump.
A render of the Enerin Høeg High-Temperature Heat Pump that will be optimised on SUSHEAT.

Wide range of industriestargeted

The proposed project solution targets a wide spectrum of industrial sectors that will be exploited through Artificial Intelligence optimisation. The main challenges are to:

  • Develop sealing solutions for the heat exchangers that keep the main sealing elements in lower temperature areas (like in Stirling engines).
  • Use materials and design details that maintain their function at higher temperatures.
  • Develop piston ring solutions that maintain their performance without accelerated wear, and be able to sustain the higher sink and source temperatures.

A combination of simulations and qualification of the models with real-world testing at the demonstration sites is necessary. More relevant data is needed for future process optimisations for a number of applicable industrial settings. The targeted R&D goal to achieve temperatures of up to 250°C is considered possible.

SUSHEAT HT-HP leadership

Enerin CEO, Arne Høeg, leads the HT-HP work on SUSHEAT. Enerin will modify its HoegTemp heat pump to be able to deliver even high temperatures above 250°C.