Heat upgrade technologies are becoming increasingly relevant as one of the ways to meet the high thermal energy demand required by industry.

SUSHEAT aims to develop and validate (via modelling and laboratory activities) innovative technological solutions that can untap the potential of hybrid renewable industrial heat upgrade systems to be fed into industrial processes on demand. This will contribute to a deep decarbonisation of the industrial sector which is currently powered by fossil fuels.

Specifically, the SUSHEAT solution aims to:

  • Increase energy efficiency in industry;
  • Reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by enabling innovative waste heat upgrade solutions;
  • Increase the flexibility of the industrial sector, limiting the short- and long-term impact of industrial heat electrification on the local grid; and
  • Further promote and raise awareness of the benefit of industrial heat recovery and upgrade within key stakeholders.

These objectives will be achieved by harnessing research and innovation efforts of 14 partners across 11 European countries. The technical, business and communication expertise of seven Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will facilitate the project’s key exploitable results working with key European research and development engineering labs, knowledge centres and industrial demonstration partners. The collective expertise draws on complementary topics and valorisation of tools/facilities/laboratories and “know-how” that will enable an integrated, comprehensive project approach.

First Objective:

Develop, model, prototype and validate key enabling technologies: a high temperature heat pump; bio-inspired phase change material and thermal energy storage; and an AI-based control system and decision-making algorithm.

Second Objective:

Develop and validate at Technical Readiness Level (TRL) 5 the SUSHEAT heat upgrade system that aims to deliver reliable and flexible industrial heat up to 250°C.

Third Objective:

Maximise the impact of SUSHEAT to achieve deep industrial decarbonisation impacts by enabling circular energy systems with less emissions through the use of carbon-neutral renewable energy sources and waste heat. To increase the opportunities for the uptake and integration of its industrial heat upgrade system into other industrial sectors.

Fourth Objective:

Promote SUSHEAT solutions in the EU through the marketability of its solutions. Develop and update a comprehensive communication, dissemination and international co-operation plan for high project visibility and the uptake of results by stakeholders in Europe and globally.