Decarbonisation of industry requires a new approach to the design of every link of the renewable energy supply chain that can be applied across different industrial sectors. Solutions for intensive factory processing needs, currently fired by fossil fuels, must be found.

Fossil fuel burners are flexible because they can provide energy at any range of temperature on demand. Providing fossil energy for these processes is expensive and polluting for companies. The unsustainable practice of buying carbon credits to offset emissions will be made redundant only when effective and flexible hybrid, clean renewable energy systems are developed for factory processing.

Renewable technologies are typically constrained by their resource availability. SUSHEAT is taking up the challenge to add another link within the energy chain by integrating different renewable sources into its solutions.

The concept integrates solar energy, ambient (as a reservoir) and industrial waste energy, which will be upgraded by an innovative High-Temperature Heat Pump (HTHP) working with helium, running in parallel with two novel bio-inspired Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks. The concept is completed with the smart Control & Integration Twin (CIT) system based on AI. The SUSHEAT pilot rig will be developed in leading EU labs and finally assembled, demonstrated and validated at a Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of 5 in a leading Swedish lab.

With a clever integration of all the thermal energy resources available, SUSHEAT plans to present a more cost-efficient, flexible, user-oriented, and reliable heat upgrade concept with a beyond-current-limits target heat delivery temperature, in the region of 150°–250°C.

The proposed concept targets a solution suitable for a broad range of industries. Awareness of these technologies will be spread concerning the possible financial savings and environmental benefits that could be derived from the implementation. SUSHEAT does this by leveraging the scientific and commercial know-how of existing industrial and R&D partners.