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PUSH2HEAT is a Horizon Europe funded project addressing the technical, economic, and regulatory obstacles to overcome the barriers to the deployment of heat pump technologies for heat upgrade in the industrial sector. The project intends to achieve this by scaling up four heat upgrading technologies with a supply temperature range of 90°C to 160°C, while also assessing the difficulties encountered and identifying potential solutions. The four technologies will be demonstrated in selected industrial sites for the paper and chemicals industry. Additionally, PUSH2HEAT will assess the environmental and economic impacts and demonstrate how different business models and contractual agreements can be used to promote the adoption of heat upgrading systems.

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SPIRIT is an EU-funded project under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme implementing sustainable heat-upgrade technologies in the food and paper industries, utilizing three different technologies in full-scale demonstration of industrial heat pumps. SPIRIT aims at demonstrating the three heat pump technologies integrated at three different process sites in the paper and food sectors with sink temperatures between 135°C and 160°C to improve technical and economic performance to enable an increase of their market uptake.

The industrial heat pumps will be installed into the operational production facilities of a sugar company (Belgium), a prawn processing plant (Norway) and a paper mill (Czech Republic). These demonstrations will provide evidence that industrial heat pumps can be integrated into different existing processes without disrupting the existing production process while providing increased technical knowledge and guidelines on future heat pump integration. A successful demonstration of the SPIRIT project will provide draft agreements and business models for delivery of upgraded heat and through modularization of the systems and component standardization, and develop MW-scale replicability of the heat pump concepts for industry.

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Sustaining Success of Industrial Heat Pumps - A Call for Action!

The webinar took place on 14th of March 2024 and came a few months after the European Commission’s decision to postpone the Heat Pump Action Plan until after the EU elections, which are due to be held in June this year (2024). 

Policy support is the vessel through which we can achieve the decarbonisation of European industry, and a call to action is needed to restate that high-temperature heat pumps are one of the most valid means leading to energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction of industry.